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Spanish Food

Cuisine that connects cultures, our menu includes classic dishes from the islands of Puerto Rico and Cuba and transcends to Spain and Portugal on the Iberian Peninsula. Careful to honor individual traditions and cultures, we delicately fuse together the traits of their shared history. Welcome to ¡Què Rico!

¡Què rico!

Latin American and Spanish Food. Cultures Connected.

Welcome to our vibrant and flavorful world of Latin American and Spanish, cuisine in Newark, NY! We are thrilled to have you visit our new website for ¡Qué Rico!, where we proudly showcase our passion for fusing separate culinary heritages to create a truly unique and culturally diverse, and savory experience.

At ¡Qué Rico!, we believe that food has the remarkable power to connect people and bridge cultural gaps. Our mission is to celebrate the rich traditions and distinct flavors of Latin America, Spain, and Mexico, while also highlighting the shared threads that unite these remarkable culinary landscapes.

Que Rico Spanish Food in Newark
pollo rico


A full dozen. Twelve. Doce. 


Introducing our latest menu sensation: a full dozen Jumbo Wings made to order, just the way you like them! Choose from a mouthwatering selection of flavors, including our signature House Mild, House Hot, Sweet Teriyaki, Sweet Chili, Jamaican Jerk, Country Sweet, Barbecue, and Honey BBQ. Whether you’re craving something spicy, sweet, or smoky, we’ve got the perfect wing for you. Don’t miss out on this ultimate wing experience!

Què Rico's Fan Favoritos

Empanadas - Spanish Food - Que Rico


Offered filled with beef or chicken, stuffed with potatoes and cheese, and served with your choice of Spanish olives.

Arroz con Habichuelas en Newark - Rice and Beans - Que Rico

Rice & Beans

A staple in the Latin American culture, this dish is offered with yellow rice paired with gondules or a red bean sauce over white rice.


Spanish Plate

A plate built to your taste, it is comprised of your choice of yellow or white rice, mac & cheese, and pernil or one (1) empanada.

Our Specialty Dishes.

Fusion dishes so popular, they may be gone before you can say ¿Què pasó? Be sure to check the daily menu for availability.

  • Rellenos de Papa $4 each / 2 for $7.50

    Spanish-flavored potatoes deep fried with a crispy exterior and stuffed with Spanish-flavored meat.

  • Chicken Pineapple BBQ Kabobs $6

    Chicken Kabobs threaded with fresh cut veggies baked to perfection and drizzled with BBQ Pineapple Sauce.

  • BBQ Chicken Pineapple Boats $20

    Fresh cut pineapple filled with white rice topped with BBQ pineapple chicken.

  • Chicken Drum & Thighs $6

    Juicy buttermilk soaked crispy fried chicken seasoned to perfection.

¡Què Fiesta!

Add a touch of Spanish culture to your next event, celebration, meeting, or reunion with catering by ¡Què Rico!

Offered to parties of 10+. Please allow 48 hours for food preparation. Published prices reflect a party of 15-25. For larger orders, please call for a quote.

¡Què Rico! Spanish Food

At this time, we are able to accept telephone or in-person orders. Online ordering and delivery may be in the future, though! Be sure to tell us if this is important!

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Que Rico Spanish Restaurant in Newark NY
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