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Welcome to Cuisine and Culture, Que Rico’s Blog. Our goal here is to provide information about Que Rico the restaurant, Upstate New York, its home, and Latin American and Spanish life, its foundation. From the people, traditions, food, language, cities, countries, music, and everything in between. Enjoy, share, and bookmark this page for everything Latino!

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Newark NY Restaurants: A Culinary Exploration Discovering the Heart of Newark: Que Rico Spanish Restaurant Newark, NY, a charming village in Wayne County, is not just a picturesque locale but also a burgeoning hub for culinary delights. Among the array of Newark NY restaurants, Que Rico Spanish

El Pollo Rico – Jumbo Wings

¡El Pollo Rico! Introducing Our New Jumbo Wings Western New York and Wings At Que Rico Restaurant, we believe in delighting our patrons with mouth-watering Spanish dishes that celebrate Latin American culture. Our latest addition, though, has been added to celebrate our Newark home in Western New York, near Buffalo.

What are Empanadas

So, What are Empanadas? Empanadas: An Introduction The empanada, with its savory fillings encased in a pastry shell, is a culinary delight cherished by cultures around the world. Yet, to truly appreciate this beloved dish, one must delve into its origins and historical context. From ancient civilizations to modern-day kitchens,

Newark NY USA

Home to Que Rico: Newark NY Que Rico is Newark NY Proud. At Que Rico, we are proud that our Spanish Restaurant is in the little village of Newark, so we wanted to tell everyone all about our little corner of the world. Nestled in the heart of Wayne County,

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